Jane Choi

Name: Jane Choi

Non-Exclusive Contract

Height: 5’0″ in / 152 cm

Weight: 116 lbs / 53 kg

Country: England, Hong Kong

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin


With various experiences in college theatrical pieces and student films, Jane enthuses her passion in storytelling by portraying characters of all kinds from different backgrounds. Driven by her keen interest in understanding how characters interact and behave, the actress is diligent and eager to help directors and producers reach the vision that they see of a character. She will not stop poring over the role until the image and aura of the character are completed.

Jane believes that an actor’s job isn’t only about bringing the character to life, but to touch the audience through words and movements, as well as provoking thoughts among people through the character’s journey in films.