Brigitte Long

Name: Brigitte Long

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Height: 5’6″ in / 170 cm

Weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg

Country: Germany

Languages: German, English


When she was about five years old and watching black and white TV she got the idea of becoming either and actress or a clown, a person who makes other people happy and laugh. She wanted to become part of  a big Family, like in a circus. Now she says that she is “part of the Circus of Live and I’ve been working for about thirty years as a model and an actress in commercials and films. I like to play characters and good parts in movies where I can bring my personal experience of life and my emotional strength.” At the moment, she lives in Berlin, a City of Artists and a very creative place, but she loves to be around the world, curious about people and different places, she sees herself more as a Cosmopolitan.

Brigitte Long has been featured in the 2015 issue of Daria! magazine – click on Brigitte’s name to open the full magazine and go to page #90:

Brigitte Long – Daria! 2015

Brigitte’s pages from Daria! magazine 2015: