Elina Sol

Name: Elina Sol

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Height: 5’3″ in / 160 cm

Weight: 104 lbs / 47 kg

Country: USA

Languages: English, Spanish


Elina Sol has a diverse background that makes her an exotic mix; she is blessed and proud of her origins.
Her mother is Dominican and Tunisian and her father is Chinese and Guatemalan. She was born in Rhode Island and raised in New Jersey and in Florida. She has been in the entertainment business for nine years and has expanded her abilities and experiences through the artistry of various forms of this exciting business.
She began as a print model and later went into runway and promo.
Elina appeared in several films, playing parts such as: police officer, villain, free spirit, and vagabond. She was able to explore range and was hungry for more, so she became a part of a Sketch comedy group in which she was able to find her theatre voice and perform live on stages at the Chinese theatre in LA the New York Comedy club in Manhattan, Boca Black Box and several other venues. 
Although she is so incredibly fond of the art of expression through voice and acting, her other great passion is dance. She fell in love with dance at a young age and began to dance as an adult at events/restaurants and venues of all genres but mostly connected with Bellydancing. The music, the costumes and the movements all felt like a second nature and moved a certain profound spirituality that flowed through this art form.
She finds that meditation, yoga, spirituality and being connected with the Earth is the only way to stay aligned in this time. The body is an amazing gift and gratefully so, she discovered the beautiful art of hand balance, trapeze, and stilts. This form of art entertainment was such an eye opener because it really tested her strength and fear, as well as her stage presence and perseverance.
One of her passions and forms of meditation is singing. She has performed at several venues and recorded some songs, but her real pleasure is singing for the sheer joy of releasing her beautiful energy and filling the air with love and music.
She would love to do more reporting. She has reported on events such as the Miami book fair, The Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, night clubs and high end events. Reporting gives her the opportunity to be on camera and explore the art of ad-libbing and her improvisational skills.
Today Elina spends most of her time modelling products and hosting commercials. She loves to sell on camera. What’s so exciting about this new journey is that she has been able to be behind the camera and direct and also edit the commercials. 
After all these years, being able to see the behind the scenes makes this art form all so much more exciting and rewarding.
Most of all her biggest passion in life is being a great mother to her two magnificent daughters Celi and Lani. They are extremely talented and intelligent. She has high hopes for them and only wishes to raise them with love and help them to be successful at following their dreams and at living with an attitude of gratitude, love and freedom.