Moon Ming

Name: Moon Ming

Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 5’1″ in / 155 cm

Weight: 108 lbs / 49 kg

Languages: English, Mandarin


Moon Ming just signed an exclusive contract for worldwide representation with Global Film Actors Agency, a division of Global Film Studio Inc.

She speaks accent free fluent English. She became obsessed with acting since she began taking theatre acting classes; after that, she got admitted to the drama department of a prestigious art university.

“Acting is the only thing I want to do; I will always dedicate myself to the film industry! Acting in significant roles is my life’s priority”, she says.

Her mentor, film director Bruno Pischiutta had this to add: “Moon is a winner. She always pursues excellence in her acting and she is completely dedicated to her art. Her passion for acting can be felt just by talking to her! Moon does not aim to play in the role of a princess; she is very comfortable to portray the villain of the story. She has no problem to physically expose herself and she looks forward to perform in a part that allows her to use coarse and explicit language. As an actress, Moon has all the features to become the top sexy and sweet oriental young girl in the international film industry. ”

“I want to create unforgettable characters that will inspire the viewers and that the viewers will love; this is my target. I’m determined to sacrifice what I have to, to reach this target”, says Moon.

Moon is a very sweet girl but can be extremely convincing when she performs the part of a villain. Even if she is extremely sexy, Moon enjoys to play the “bad” girl in the storyline and she exits the stereotype of good and beauti-ful with ease and pleasure. A believer in girl power, she is looking for principal parts that will underline the strength and determination of female charac-ters.

Moon is very serious about her preparation for a major acting career. Her professional standards are very high and, in the next few months, she will be completely prepared to reach stardom and to become an important presence in Hollywood.”

Moon Ming has successfully completed Bruno Pischiutta’s International Film Workshops program.

Moon Ming was featured in the 2017 issue of

Daria! magazine (pages 55 to 57):