Kayleigh Graham

Name: Kayleigh Graham

Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 5’6″ in / 167 cm

Weight: 107 lbs / 48 kg

Country: USA

Languages: English


Kayleigh is a young and talented actress who engulfs herself into character and story.

Kayleigh has stage presence, strong voice in song, and studied dance for years. Her love for the spotlight is the passion that shines bright. She is dedicated to her art and makes every choice with clear thought.

Kayleigh has the mindset and determination to make her soul noticeable to all. She has a love for acting and, above all, she is decided on becoming a movie Star.

As she embarks on pursuing her dream, Kayleigh is training in film acting with director Bruno Pischiutta who is also her mentor. She is a participant to Pischiutta’s International Film Workshops.