Karim Hadaya

Name: Karim Hadaya

Non-Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 5’9″ in / 175 cm

Weight: 154 lbs / 69 kg

Country: England, Syria

Languages: English, Arabic, French (Intermediate), Spanish (Intermediate)

Profile: Karim is originally from Syria and he currently residing in London, UK. 

As a creative person, he has great aspirations and a positive outlook towards his future endeavors in the entertainment industry. He sees his craft as a representation of himself and a key to unshackling the generic view on refugees and Syrians in the west. 

His professional training at Brunel University, at the hands of notable practitioners and professors, not only allowed his star to shine brighter, but it unleashed his creativity and maximized his power to capture his audience throughout any performance he was in. 

Karim has been working diligently on multiple projects with the latest being a physical theatre piece titled “HOMiNG” that was performed at the Antonin Artaud Theatre, at Brunel University. 

He intends to act, write and direct in high calibre productions, both internationally and nationally. Karim also wishes to play a wide range of characters and roles as an actor, in order to achieve the highest possible results and shake cultural assumptions associated with the ethnicity and sex of the actor. His ultimate goal is to become the top notable actor from a middle eastern background worldwide and to be the 8th figure on IMDB’s list of notable Syrian actors and directors.

Karim plays the lead role in the short film “C’est La Vie” by Hannah Stubberfield, Ellie Burrows and Tamara Williams:

Karim plays the lead role in the film “The Conformist”: