Enerjeta Aliaj

Name: Enerjeta Aliaj

Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 6’1″ in / 184 cm

Weight: 176 lbs / 80 kg

Country: Albania

Languages: Albanian, English, Greek, Italian, Spanish


Enerjeta is an athletic girl who loves sports such as biking, diving, jumping and more. Her preferred sport is, however, volleyball. She loves being on the edge and skydiving is her most favorite hobby.

Enerjeta is a polyglot: she speaks Albanian, Greek, English, Italian and Spanish languages and she states that without the knowledge of these languages she could not be where she is right now in her life and business.

She paints, performed in theater and even played in a few short films. Although she knows that a film career is a long road to follow, she believes that, for her, it will be possible to succeed and arrive till the top.

She is happy to be part of the Global Film Actors Agency. “Bruno has accepted to be my boss but, first of all, he is my friend. My acting career has started from our friendship. Bruno is one of those persons from whom you can easily understand what he is asking from you and, as an actor, the character that you have to portray… So, for me, working with him is very comfortable and a pleasure”.

Enerjeta Aliaj has been featured in the 2015 issue of Daria! magazine – click on Enerjeta’s name to open the full magazine and go to page #92:

Enerjeta Aliaj – Daria! 2015

Enerjeta’s pages from Daria! magazine 2015: