Ricardo Silva

Name: Ricardo Da Silva

Exclusive Contract

Height: 5’11″ in / 181 cm

Weight: 163 lbs / 74 kg

Country: Portugal

Languages: English, Portuguese

Profile: Ricardo Da Silva was born in Porto, Portugal. He currently lives in Poland.

He always wanted to be on the stage. He is at the very beginning of an acting career path without specialized education in this area. He has passion, energy and determination for taking this challenge and he possesses a natural sense for the right and genuine interpretation of a role.

He could be attractive in showbiz because of his few strong advantages: photogenic face with various aspects depending on the context; attractive look of the still young but already mature man; genuine attitude resulting in authenticity. He speaks English with correct diction. Ricardo has self-confidence with a modest approach.

With respect to the dream of entering the performers’ world, his expectation is to contribute to the actor’s craft with his skills and the whole of himself while enjoying a role to the full extent.