Bakhtiar Khalili

Name: Bakhtiar Khalili

Non-Exclusive Contract

IMDB Profile

Height: 5’7″ in / 175 cm

Weight: 171 lbs / 77 kg

Country: Iran

Languages: English, Kurdish (Sorani, Ardalani, Kurmanji, Kalori), Persian, French, Turkish


Bakhtiar Khalili is an actor and director with a rich  background of onstage and behind the scene experience. His numerous roles performed on the stage, TV and in short films combined with his ability to speak 5 languages – including English, French, Kurdish, Turkish, and Persian – have gained him the mindset to be able to shift through a wide range of characters from different layers of society.

His work has attracted praise, including being nominated, and awarded in a number or Festivals such as Sorbonne’s FINPRET Festival. He has the dramatic talent and the  experience under his belt, as well as his effortless mastery in comical roles, in that his free spirit makes him a comedian by nature. He enjoys playing the guitar and also has keen taste for art.