Wayne E. Brown

Name: Wayne E. Brown

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IMDB Profile

Height: 5’9″ ft / 175 cm

Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kg

Country: USA

Languages: English

Profile: Wayne E. Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. At the age of seven, he was introduced to stage acting in a summer camp production of The Sound of Music. Wayne’s first major role on stage was in a high school production of 12 Angry Men. Since then he has performed in more than 20 stage plays, mostly in lead and supporting roles (e.g., Scrooge in Ebenezer, Caiaphas in The Living Stations of the Cross, Bartholomew in A Time for Christmas).

Wayne made his screen debut as Charlie Appleby in Rage of Justice (2000). Other than an additional film (Richard Heat) and appearing in a few commercials as an extra, it wasn’t until 2009 when his screen career really got going. Since then Wayne has been in about 20 film, television, and web productions. Among them, Wayne appeared in some minor roles in Up in the Air (2009) and Real Steel (2011), supporting roles in Duvid (2012) and Backfired (2015), and lead roles in Unexpected Places (2012) and A Horse Called Bear (2015).

He is a character actor. The accents that Wayne has used in productions include British, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Southern (US), and Yiddish. He is experienced in archery, billiards, drums, equestrian, firearms, martial arts and softball.

Wayne has recently appeared in films such The Ark Royale, Lifestone Velocity and Disappeared. He plays Dr Clark in Wronged and he will be playing roles in three additional feature films that are in preproduction: The Last Immortal, Way to Abbottabad and Harvest Moon.

Wayne appears in the soon to be released films To Be a Soldier (formerly Sinjar: Valley of the Shadow), Lifestone Velocity, and Inside the Facetook Murders.  He is currently filming The King’s Messengers where he plays Ovia Habdul.  Wayne will be playing roles in three additional feature films that are in preproduction: Caesar’s Ring, Phoenix Woman, and Way to Abbottabad.

Wayne’s film, To Be a Soldier, passed the QC test at Sony with flying colors, and has been scheduled to be released in stores on March the 5th!

Few clips of Wayne performing in “Sinjar”, his latest film that will be released in 2018: