Kristna Saikia

Name: Kristna Saikia

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Height: 5’4″ ft / 164 cm

Weight: 105 lbs / 48 kg

Country: India

Languages: English, Hindi


Kristna Saikia is a talented actress with years of experience in film and TV. She is based out of Mumbai but she works both in Indian and international productions. The movies she has acted in have been screened and awarded at major film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, The American Film Market in Santa Monica, California and Kolkota International Film Festival in India.

Kristna is known as a published writer and columnist. She is a multi talented artist who has been a Cover Girls for fashion shows and featured in many magazines. Kristna is also a nude art artist who is the muse of many photographers and who’s portfolio of nude art photography is extensive.

As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the company Bill Fortune and she is preparing to launch her own on-line art, lifestyle & luxury magazine entitled ‘Kristna’.

According to Kristna, every onscreen role she portrays as an actor is a reflection of all real life moments captured and experienced.

Kristna Saikia plays the role of the Mystic Queen in the Indian film entitled KAMASUTRA 3D that is a 2014 Oscar contender in three categories.

What is the most important film project that you are working on right now? 

“I play the leading roles (I portray the same character in two different lifetimes) in the upcoming feature film entitled Tantrica (The Dark Shades of Kamasutra). We’ve been shooting in many exotic locations throughout Australia and Indonesia. The trailer of the film has already been viewed millions of times across the globe and the film will be released worldwide.” – Kristna Saikia

Kristna has been featured in the 2019 issue of the magazine DARIA!:

Kristna in Daria! Magazine 2019

Slideshow – Kristna Saikia

This is a video featuring Kristna. She wrote, directed and produced it: