Jonathan Pienaar

Name: Jonathan Pienaar

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Height: 6’3″ in / 190 cm

Weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg

Country: South Africa

Languages: English


Jonathan Pienaar is living legend of theatre and film in South Africa. His illustrious career in theatre spanned many genre over many years, appearing in one man shows, stand-up comedy, Shakespeare, dramas, musicals, writing music, lyrics and plays for many theatre productions, most recently touring Kuele by FlamenKhoi and La Familia Flamenca.

Jonathan Pienaar took to the screen in 1984 and is a household name in TV productions as well as a national and international movie star, appearing in films such as Skin, Dollars and White Pipes, Venus Noire, Blood Diamond, Lord Jones is Dead, etc. He is currently appearing in Warrior on Cinemax, Troy Fall of a City on Netflix and Deutschland 86 on Channel 4 and Sundance television.

Jonathan has performed alongside Sidney Poitier, Tim Curry, Michael Caine, F. Murray Abraham, Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo Di Caprio, to name some. He has also starred in NBC’s series Crusoe. Basically, Johnny has a love for what he does as an actor, voice over artist and director. He has a deep respect for all he encounters. He lives with wolves in South Africa and travels the world with deep gratitude for his craft.

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Jonathan is featured in the 2021 issue of the arts, entertainment, and business magazine, Daria!.

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Jonathan Pienaar is featured in the 2015 issue of Daria! magazine – page #23:

Jonathan Pienaar – Daria! 2015