Dan Wahlberg

Name: Dan Wahlberg

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Height: 6’1″ in / 186 cm

Weight: 200 lbs / 91 kg

Country: Sweden

Languages: English, Swedish

Profile: Dan Wahlberg is a versatile Swedish actor, trained at UCLA in Los Angeles and Stockholms Elementära Teaterskola (S.E.T.) in both the Stanislavski and Meisner techniques. Going deep into character when needed, he is known for numerous projects in both the United States and Sweden. He has starred in the acclaimed independent family drama “Don’t Cry For Me” as an abusive stepfather and in the feature/webseries “Over the Rainbow” as a sleazy yoga guru, as well as various characters as the vicious Sir Ox in the short horror comedy “The Cannibal King” and as the transvestite Kelly in the short film “Dancing Shadows”.

“I like taking direction. From great preparations and directing comes great performance”, says Dan regarding his strengths as an actor.

Before Dan Wahlberg started studying acting back in 2012, he worked 22 years as a journalist at various Swedish newspapers with different fields of responsibilities, however the dream of pursuing an acting career was always there. He sees himself as basically a storyteller. “Acting and journalism are both storytelling from different points of views. In the times past, I would probably be one of those who brought stories and news to my fellow human beings around the campfire”, he says. 

The trailer to Dan’s lates’t project, the Swedish family drama ”In the Blink of an Eye”: