Mariana Achim

Name: Mariana Achim

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Height: 5’2″ ft / 157 cm

Weight: 140 lbs / 64 kg

Country: Spain

Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian


Mariana was born and raised in Romania in a small town in Transylvania. She is the second born in a family of four children. When she was growing-up she loved staging performances for family and friends. Her parents believed that she would make a great teacher but she had other ideas. In her adolescent years, Mariana’s love for acting persevered and she decided to follow it in life.

She went on to study dramatic arts in Madrid, Spain where she decided to remain and follow her calling. Today, she is a successful film and TV actress, but performing in theater “fills her life”.

“I love doing TV or film but I really wouldn’t like to give-up on theater completely. The stage is my home, I like the challenges it offers because they are a pleasant suffering for me”, says Mariana.

“I love my work, all creative aspects of it. This year I just worked at the International Book Fair in Madrid where I directed several dramatized readings and also directed plays for children. Working with children and for children is the best thing that can happen to you, communicating with them is very easy, they even inspired me many times. After each play, I stayed there longer to talk with the kids and my audience. So fulfilling!”

Mariana’s work at the Book Fair was the result of a project that the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Romanian Embassy in Madrid put-up. Her Excellency Romanian Ambassador to Spain, Mrs. Gabriela Dancau, was one of the guests who attended one of the plays directed by Mariana.

“I am very ambitious and my profession gives me the satisfaction that I need in life. I like getting to know the characters that I am interpreting and I spend a lot of time studying them. I look for characters that make me grow as a performer.”

In 2018, Mariana received the “Best Lead Actress in a Short Film” award at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival and the “People’s Choice Award” for Best Actress at the Elche International Independent Film Festival for her performance in Mia (English: Mine) directed by Juan Munoz de Blanco.

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