Damion Rochester

Name: Damion Rochester

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Height: 6’1″ in / 185 cm

Weight: 176 lbs / 80 kg

Country: USA

Languages: English, Spanish, Patois (Jamaican Dialect)

Profile: Damion Rochester is a born actor.  His earliest memory dates back to when he was two years old and it involves him looking for an entrance in the back of the TV screen in order to play with the tiny people he was watching. When he was five years old, he embodied true critical thinking for cinema. Watching films & TV Shows with his family, although the youngest in the household, he would vocalize what the subtext of the characters were and their relationships to each other. Always anticipating what would happen next and who the bad guys vs good guys were, little did he know, his critical love for cinema is directly related to his vulnerability, imagination and sensitivity to his craft as an actor. It is no surprise that he shines both on stage and screen!

With a love for classic and contemporary playwrights such as: Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Mamet, Simon, Williams, Kushner, Guare, Miller, and French, to name a few, Damion is a shining example of a passionate actor whose process will reward him with many Oscars. Already a Best Actor Nominee in the short film ‘Tastes Like Medicine’ which won Best Director and was accepted into 14 international film festivals, with critics calling his work a “tour de force,” the best is yet to come.  As a trained actor, Rochester studied both Theater and Political Science. His process includes looking at the socio-economic and political world of the characters he portrays, then layering this analysis with both meisner & method techniques; merging imagination and life experiences, he then envelops his soul to bring truth, meaning, light and the complexity of being human, into the breath of every character he portrays.

Based in New York City, he is considered the one to watch. Some recent work includes the lead in the film ‘The Dark Strum’ (he plays, Music Legend Robert Lee Johnson) set to release in 2019. Recently cast in the Pilot TV-Show, Heroes In These Streets (H.I.T.S.) He plays twins, rising politician Jack & drug lord Mane. These twins have been separated since their infancy and do not know each other. Damion will have the opportunity to showcase the psychology of both characters who are polar opposites. The TV-Show centers on Sex-Trafficking of young girls in urban communities. Damion has also created his own TV-Show titled #SOCIETY, a Science Fiction TV-Show which centers on the socio-economic and political issues that people are faced with in America and how to amalgamate everyone by bursting the social bubbles, that they tend to share themselves in.

Attending multiple film festival circuit has been a blessing! Damion recently received three scripts, for a featured film, pilot TV-show and an off-Broadway play. Although he considers himself the modern day Sidney Poitier, Terry Schreiber, founder of T. Schreiber Studios & Theater in NYC believes that “Damion Rochester has a voice and a command like James Earl Jones”  and that “He has a star on Hollywood if he wants it.” Peter Jensen at T. Schreiber Studio & Theater. Directors who have worked with Rochester believes that he has that Denzel Washington quality. On the other hand, acting coaches have also said that his sex appeal & charm resembles Brad Pitt’s.  These are all great comparisons for the young and gifted Damion Rochester, as his star begins to rise, I am sure that he will create a lane to fit his own description.  He is represented by both Actors Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild.

With a love for music, Damion has recently written his first single and can be seen in the 60th Grammy Awards Anniversary, commercial “Play The City.”  Damion is also a talented dancer and professional model with a great love for Martial Arts, Astro-Biology and Meditation. He aims to use acting as a platform to enact social change and to one day have a production company which would give back to Third World countries. He aims to play meaningful leading roles in film genres such as: Psychological Thriller, History, Action, Drama, Science Fiction and Romantic Comedy.

Here is Damion’s show reel:

Damion has been featured in the 2019 issue of the magazine DARIA!:

Damion plays the lead role in the short film “Tastes Like Medicine” (16 min.):