Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela

Name: Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela

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Height: 5’11″ in / 180 cm

Weight: 174 lbs / 79 kg

Country: Netherlands

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French

Profile: Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela was born in the city of La Plata, in the Buenos Aires district of the Argentina Republic, as the first of three sons in a middle-class family.

He graduates in Finance (1982) and continued his studies in Journalism at the University Escuela Superior de Periodismo y Comunicacion Social. This was a very difficult time for journalists in Argentina as it was the last period of the Military Junta of Dictators.

At an early stage, his life became a fight for his idealism and dreams and for surviving the facts of reality. While working different jobs, he was attracted to acting and theater, and managed to attend the Theatre Institute’s Escuela de Teatro La Plata’ from 1982 to 1985 where he studied acting, drama and improvisation techniques.

He believes that any kind of art starts in the heart. “Passion is the essential ingredient! Acting is a transformation, it takes imagination to think alike, how it would be to be in someone’s else skin, it’s a process; when you start acting and feeling comfortable being, then you start becoming.”

“In this industry, you never stop learning and improving yourself.” In 2017 and 2018 he followed a workshop based on the Meisner Technique. The technique is based on true play, Meisner said ‘Acting is the ability to live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances’ and he studied the Refocus Method in 2019 and 2023, for a more trustful play.

Gustavo is currently living in Amsterdam and is working as a full-time actor.

He is a two-times winner of the ‘Best Male Actor’ award (2017 and 2018) in The Netherlands and in Los Angeles, USA. And recently, in 2020, he received the award as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role as Mario, the bodyguard of the family La Rosa in Capo di Famiglia II, and for his role in Lost.

Gustavo has been cast in the highly anticipated upcoming Bruno Pischiutta project, The Trilogy.


Showreel (voice-over in Spanish):