D’Antrè Cole

Name: D’Antrè Cole

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IMDB Profile

Height: 5’10″ in / 178 cm

Weight: 250 lbs / 113 kg

Country: USA

Languages: English

Profile: D’Antré Cole has an impressive and interesting artistic personality.

In 2017, he played the lead role of Louis in the TV series Thou Shalt Not – the episode featuring D’Antré made it to the top 200 list of the week on cable, according to Nielsen.

In his teenage years, he dreamed of becoming a performer but was limited because of a lack of confidence due to his heavy weight of 300 lbs. With time, he lost the weight, overcame his fear and started to believe in himself. Today, he is full of confidence and enthusiasm and doesn’t shy away from his heart’s desire.

“I remember wanting to get into acting early on in my life when I was watching wrestling on TV. It inspired me because it looked like it was fun. Later, I realized that there were other ways to be on TV. The drama series Scandal convinced me that I wanted to pursue acting. I remember Joe Morton whose performance impressed me and made me draw comparisons with the villains I was used to watch in wrestling.

When I started to pursue acting in 2017 and got the lead role in episode three of the series Thou Shall Not, I loved every second I spent on set and fell really in love with this career. I moved to Los Angeles and got cast in a few plays. I started to network and my personality grew. I am already on emotional person but when I act it all comes to life; I learned to love that side of myself and to be able to use it as a positive in my career. It’s OK to feel that, sometimes, not everything is all right; everyone has a heart. I love acting and I want to do it for the rest of my life. It brings me joy!” 

D’Antré finds music as a means of self-expression and means to connect with the world. He has recorded over 180 songs in the last six years.

“What definitely impressed me is his determination and the fact that he is a true artist: his life is dedicated to his acting and his music,” says acclaimed film director Bruno Pischiutta who is now considering to cast D’Antré in the starring role of Perry in The Trilogy, Pischiutta’s latest and highly anticipated project. “It will be not easy,” continues Pischiutta, “to debut in a major motion picture playing a difficult part without sensationalism, but I am sure that D’Antré will be great in it.”

Perry’s role is a solid but not sensational one. Perry is a principal character in the third film of The Trilogy that will be shot in London, England. The character in the film is an American financial genius who is enjoying great success in the city. He does big business in the upper class of British society.