Petra Stevic

Name: Petra Stevic (aka Petra Josette)

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Height: 5’9″ in / 175 cm

Weight: 105 lbs / 48 kg

Country: Austria

Languages: German, English, French, Croatian

Petra Stevic is a model and actress who sometimes works under the name Petra Josette. It is impossible to follow her young life and varied portfolio of work without delving into the different fields of the entertainment world that take place against the fascinating backdrop of big cities around the world. Born in Vienna, she lives in Paris and has worked in France, Greece, England and America, participated in fashion shows in New York, London, and Paris, and played the lead role in a film in Los Angeles.

Petra Stevic thus lives between one capital city and another, under the spotlights of international catwalks and in front of television and movie cameras. She studied in Vienna, Paris, and Los Angeles; she is also a dancer and singer, but above all an international model and film actress. In theater she played the Shakespearian characters of Juliet and Cleopatra.

Petra started modeling at a very young age and was signed with Jade Models in Vienna and Mallorca when she was 18 years old. She was with the agency for two years and went on to model for international designers and brands around the world.

Petra Stevic also played the lead role in the movie City Rush 3 that was shot part in Germany and part in Los Angeles, directed by George Tounas, and distributed by Amazon Prime.

Her body is definitely a model’s body: beautiful, with long legs and a sexy and inviting attitude. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, she can play the part of the classic American girl very well.

This is how she describes herself: “I love taking on challenging and diverse roles in movies and I love to fully and confidently express myself and the characters I play in the most professional and passionate way possible.”

Petra will play the character of Romina in the second film of The Trilogy. The story of Romina, a Norwegian girl on holiday in Greece. In this second film of The Trilogy project, certain themes – such as Satanism and pedophilia – do not emerge the way they do in the other two; the stories seen in this film mostly illustrate different and diverse love relationships between the characters, explore their peculiarities, and highlight the inevitable betrayals that occur between lovers.

Director and screenplay writer Bruno Pischiutta says the choice of casting Petra in the role of Romina was immediate. “As soon as I saw Petra’s photos, I had no doubt. I said to myself that this actress is exactly what I was looking for to play Romina’s character. I saw and admired her acting in the trailer for City Rush 3, and a short phone call with Petra completely confirmed my first impression. I thus entrusted her with the role of Romina and I am confident that she will be able to offer a high-value performance in this major feature film.”

Petra Stevici is featured in the trailer for City Rush 3: