Yannis Aivazis

Name: Yannis Aivazis (Γιάννης Αϊβάζης)

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Height: 6’1″ in / 186 cm

Country: Greece

Languages: English, Greek

Yannis Aivazis is a leading Greek actor, writer and director.

He studied acting at the Diomidis Fotiadis Drama School, and is a professional actor from over 22 years. He has been working steadily in theater, movies and television series starring in or directing acclaimed productions for stage and screen.

“I always believed that acting faithfully serves life.

‘What is happening to me?’, asks the hero and life tells him to go on. Our abyss is so big and we are too small to face it,” says Yannis Aivazis when speaking about his directorial debut, the film ABYSS IN, that had its world premiere at the 11th Global Nonviolent Film Festival where it won the Best Director, Best Actor (for Stavros Parcharidis – Σταύρος Παρχαρίδης), Best Cinematography, and Best Film awards. The film was produced by Aivazis and his wife, famed Greek actress and media personality, Maria Korinthiou (Μαρία Κορινθίου).

Film director Bruno Pischiutta had this to say about ABYSS IN: “I saw the film late at night and was so impressed by Yannis’ direction and Stavros’ performance that, despite the late hour, I called them both to offer my congratulations. 

Many things struck me in this film. For a start, the timing and pace of the direction and acting are perfect; nothing is superfluous in the film, nothing is redundant. Yannis makes some amazing directorial choices for a first-time director, and does not fall into any of the many traps in which even the best first-time directors often fall into. There is not a single wrong camera movement in the film, and the ensemble Yannis has created is remarkable. The actors are all good and carefully chosen. Brava to Christine Konstantinidou in the part of Anna! The sets designed and furnished by Maria Korinthiou fit perfectly with the story, which is constantly emphasized by Yorgos Vasiliadis’ cinematography that stops at the essentials. All the elements of the drama are offered to the viewer, but there is nothing more, there is only what needs to be there.

I will soon start filming the Trilogy, three major sequential motion pictures that will be shot in England and Greece. I have cast Stavros Parcharidis to play a main character in the film that will be shot in Greece, and I have cast Yannis as the star in one of the films that will be shot in England. I have great esteem for the artistic level of these two people, and I hope that, working together, we will achieve great results.”

Yannis Aivazis’ Acting Showreel

Trailer of the film ABBYS IN, directed by Yannis Aivazis: