Martin Valentine

Name: Martin Valentine

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IMDB Profile

Height: 5’10″ in / 178.5 cm

Weight: 186 lbs / 80 kg

Country: England

Languages: English

Profile: In 2019, Martin has successfully completed the International Film Workshops held by film director Bruno Pischiutta. He has been cast to play the principal male role of Alex in the feature film The Bad Joke and an important role in the feature film Spa, both films directed by Bruno Pischiutta.

Martin Valentine is a young British actor who started his career at the age of five. He also engaged in modelling, performing on Catwalks, during London Fashion Week and Promoting Clothing Brands as an ambassador. Martin Valentine has performed and was featured in music videos, such as Royal Blood, in a commercials for Adidas filmed in London, and in the Sex Pistols mini series directed by Danny Boyle. He has also starred in a variety of short films.

Since professionally embarking on a career as a film actor, Martin Valentine trained in screen combat, learning how to use swords and Bo staffs correctly, as well as choreography. He has also been trained in intensive camera workshop classes, script work, voice and movement, period acting, with experience in directing, editing, and producing as well.

All these experiences have enabled him to become multi-skilled and understand how to work appropriately in this industry, showing constant professional attention, dedication as well as co-operation with others, and showing the upmost respect to everyone he encounters.  He is a lively character who always has a smile on his face, he is a pleasure to work with and has stood out multiple times to people who are keen to provide him opportunities and work alongside with him.

Martin is constantly making moves to become successful in the film industry. He really thrives and aims to positively inspire others, and he wants to use his acting to convey across a captivating performance on screen, leaving worldwide audiences fascinated. His mentality and motivational desire is certainly paving the path to a successful film career path ahead of him.

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 Martin has been featured in the 2019 issue of the magazine DARIA!: