Global Film Actors Agency – A Video Presentation

The Agency is unique and here are some of the reasons why:

  • No age limit;
  • No cost to the actors;
  • Beginners are welcome;
  • Free training;
  • May be cast in Global Film Studio’s films;
  • May be cast in other American and European productions.

Getting signed with Global Film Actors Agency (previously names Brasov Talent Agency), a Division of Global Film Studio Inc., is the way to start and international film acting career.

Here is a 12-minute video presentation of the Agency and it’s services. Watch the video and find out how to apply:

Ms. Daria Trifu, film producer and General Manager of the Agency, adds: “Our Agency is looking for determined young actors who aim to pave the Hollywood Walk of Fame with their names in the near future. We are opening our door to everyone and no experience is required. We call on aspiring actors to contact us, from any country of the world, and we will carefully consider all inquiries.”

Global Film Actors Agency has an exclusivity agreement with Global Film Studio to provide the actors for the feature films produced by the company. The decision to contract new film actors comes in lieu of Global Film Studio’s availability of roles in its upcoming movies.

The Agency’s services are not limited to in-house productions. Its actors are also proposed for parts to major American and European film production companies and assisted, step-by-step, throughout the stages of initial casting to contract negotiation/signing and to production.

All interested actors may contact Bruno Pischiutta at:

Their e-mail should contain pictures, basic data and contact information.