Stavros Parharidis

Name: Stavros Parharidis

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Height: 5’9″ in / 176 cm

Weight: 176 lbs / 80 kg

Country: Greece

Languages: Greek, English, German

Profile: Stavros Parharidis is a Greek actor, writer and director who was born in 1966 in Bagnagn, Germany. He has been working in both film and theater since 1986.

In 2004, Stavros directed the film “Poreia” (On the Road) that was nominated for the Best Short Film award at the Cannes Film Festival by Kodak. He also directed and starred in “Favorite Town” (2014) for which he was nominated for the Best Actor award at the Avant Premiere Festival in Athens.

As an actor, he has collaborated with all major television channels in Greece and has worked in series such as “Comfuzio”, “Aman”, “Reportage Without Borders”, as well as in major film productions such as “Everything is a Road” by P. Voulgaris, “The Hare Hunt” by N. Vezirgiannis, and “Flower of the Lake” by S. Tsarouchas.

Stavros has directed four documentaries: “The Slaughterhouse”, “Karya Lefkada”, “The City of Waters”, and “The Stubborn Publisher”.

In 1992, he founded the Maiotron Theater Company in Thessaloniki where he continues to serve as manager and art director. Since 1996, he has been responsible of the theater departments in various municipalities of Greece where he directs and teaches theater. He is the artistic director of the Spring Reasons monologue festival. Stavros has also taught screenplay writing at the theater workshop of the municipality of Naples, Italy.

In the field of theater, he has directed many plays that include “Birthday Night”, “The Buttoned”, “Marry Us Sir”, “Birthday Night”, “The Pouch of Socrates”, “In Aesop’s Company”, “Diogenos”, “The Lottery”, “Sogambros”, “A World of Children”, “Santa’s Birthday”, “Everything About Marriage Is Difficult”, “By Force Doctor”, “Horses”, “Old Woman”, “The Piece of Shame”, “The Lottery”, and “Wanderers’ Love “.

Stavros is also a video artist and photographer; two of his video art installations were exhibited at the Crypt Gallery in London in 2016.

Trailer of the film ABBYS IN, starring Stavros Parharidis:

The short film POREIA (On the Road) | Directed by and Starring Stavros Parharidis: